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  • Talent 3 mins READ

    Blume Ventures is looking f...

    *** THIS ROLE HAS BEEN FILLED. *** We are looking for a curious, intelligent, startup enthusiast to join the investme...

    Nov 06, 2019  |  Blume Ventures

  • Blume Ventures 4 mins READ

    Blume Ventures is hiring!

    In 2011, Karthik & Sanjay started Blume Ventures, with a view to back and help build transformational ventures fr...

    Jun 19, 2019  |  Sajith Pai

  •  portfolio chronicles 2 mins READ

    dunzo – task management

    Mar 09, 2016  |  Blume Ventures

  • Exits 5 mins READ

    PART I: Keep Calm and Go A...

    Every year, for the past 8 years, I have got the same question a few minutes into every LP meeting (LPs or Limited Pa...

    Oct 01, 2019  |  Karthik Reddy

  • Article 5 mins READ

    Blume Ventures Has A New Logo

    How much does a logo really matter? Or really, how much does the logo matter for a firm like Blume, or any other VC f...

    Mar 19, 2019  |  Blume Ventures

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