Blume's Beliefs

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Transformational Companies Are Led And Built By Revolutionary Founders. We Back These Founders Early And Remain Lifelong Partners.

In 2010, Karthik Reddy and Sanjay Nath founded Blume Ventures with a mission to reimagine startup financing for India. As passionate angel investors in the fledgling Indian startup ecosystem, they foresaw the evolution of the Indian startup founder and sought to create a firm that would support the Indian founder through the entire journey of starting up to scaling up. To do this, they founded a distinctive venture firm, one that could move with the speed of an angel investor, yet be institutionalised in its approach, bridging a gap between local angel networks and larger global venture capital firms.

Over the years, Blume has grown by backing transformational ventures and revolutionary founders, becoming a key player in India’s startup ecosystem. En route, we have invested in and helped build over 100 startups across geographies and verticals. All these startups are united by a common theme: they are looking to solve uniquely Indian problems, ones that emerge out of the vast complexities of building for and operating in the Indian sub-continent, with its 23 official languages, distinct cultural groups and disparate income levels. While the solutions are for India, their aspirations and attitudes are global, and they remind us that the next wave of global startups are emerging out of India.

Capital, counsel, and conviction

The distinctive nature of the Indian startup ecosystem and the unique context it operates in places a unique challenge on the founder. Blume is distinctive for its deep empathy for the founder’s hardships as well as the full range of support provided to make their journey easier. Our empathy with the founder’s quest and the challenges they face results from our deep commitment to the problems they work on as well as our personal motivations to effect change.

Beyond the capital that we provide, to our founders, they also have on-demand counsel and support, via access to our services partners Constellation Blu (financial and legal advisory-cum-compliance), MetaMorph (recruitment), as well as our in house resources providing access to growth capital, sales and strategic partnerships and community. But beyond capital and counsel, we also provide conviction, sticking and standing by our founders through all the winding paths they take to achieve scale and success.

Sometimes it doesn't work out, for more often than not, startups are experiments that don't succeed. Well, that is all right too, we then help pull the founders pull down shutters, and then get ready to back their next experiments. Backing founders and their unreasonable experiments, after all is what Blume was born for.

Divided by motivation, united by ambition

The founders who partner with us, or rather who we had the privilege of partnering with, are a diverse lot. They don’t fit any particular demographic profile nor do they conform to any specific pedigree. They may be building B2C ventures or B2B ventures. Their customers may be housewives in Bharat or enterprise CXOs in the Bay Area. Irrespective of these differences, we find that they are all obsessed with solving hard problems, usually one triggering a fundamental change in consumer behaviour and birthing large markets.

We typically partner with these founders at a very early stage, helping them achieve product-market fit and power through the first point of scale. We bring in capital and counsel, but more importantly, we bring our conviction. We remain steadfast supporters to these founders, staying invested for anywhere from eight to ten years, and as long as the founders are equally invested in their ambition for the business. Supporting and sticking by founders and their crazy ambitions is what Blume was designed for. This is why Blume exists, and why we come excited to work every day.