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We partner with founders early in their journeys. We provide capital and counsel, but most importantly, we provide conviction. We then remain steadfast supporters throughout. Supporting and sticking by founders and their crazy ambitions is what Blume was designed for. This is why we exist.

We help founders nail product-market fit through our unique blend of money, time, services and initiatives.


Blume Founders Fund (or BFF) is an initiative outside our core investment program. Through BFF we invest a small one-time cheque in startups by founders that have had a long-term association with Blume - be it an alum or a CXO of a portfolio company, or someone with whom we built a rapport over time. BFF companies get access to our startup pack of discounted offers, inter-se portfolio connections, and guidance whenever needed from the concerned Blume investment lead.


Velocity is our bi-annual bootcamp specially crafted for Blume’s early-stage founders. In this learning program, founders participate in workshops and webinars where they learn from and interact with experts in key startup functions like product, design, growth, marketing, sales, technology, finance, and HR.


PropelX is Blume's exclusive business development event, where we get top industry and lending partners to meet our portfolio companies in back-to-back 1:1 meetings where they explore strategic (sales) partnerships, or even raise debt.

Lead Tribe

Lead Tribe is our annual community and learning program for early-stage female founders. Selected founders get access to sessions that help them tackle specific business challenges and get an opportunity to grow their networks.


BluSwan is our flagship invite-only investor interaction event, where our portfolio companies interact with institutional investors.