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We Get Founders. For We Have Been Founders Too.

At Blume, a key defining attribute of all those who work here is founder empathy. For most of us have been founders ourselves. Blume itself is a homegrown startup itself, all of 10 years old. Like the startups we fund, we too face similar challenges, be it around fund raising or competing with marquee brands. This has helped instil in us a deep sense of empathy and an understanding of the challenges the founder faces. And that makes us deeply committed to supporting them through their journeys, ones tough, hard and long.

Women comprise over 50% of the Blume team. The investment team comprises a third of Blume. Platform comprises half the team, and the rest is Corporate. We are present across five cities now. Mumbai is our biggest office and Bangalore the next largest (though the majority of the investment team is here). Delhi, Gandhinagar (GIFT City) and San Francisco are the remaining offices.

Current Openings

We don't have any openings presently. If you are open to exploring roles with Blume's portfolio companies please write to [email protected]

If you are specific about roles in venture, then feel free to send in your resume along with a cover note to [email protected] - we will keep it on file. We read every mail but we cannot promise a reply to every mail.

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