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Blume Day 2024

We Get Founders. For We Have Been Founders Too.

At Blume, a key defining attribute of all those who work here is founder empathy. For most of us have been founders ourselves. Blume itself is a homegrown startup itself, all of 10 years old. Like the startups we fund, we too face similar challenges, be it around fund raising or competing with marquee brands. This has helped instil in us a deep sense of empathy and an understanding of the challenges the founder faces. And that makes us deeply committed to supporting them through their journeys, ones tough, hard and long.

Women comprise over 50% of the Blume team. The investment team comprises a third of Blume. Platform comprises half the team, and the rest is Corporate. We are present across five cities now. Mumbai is our biggest office and Bangalore the next largest (though the majority of the investment team is here). Delhi, Gandhinagar (GIFT City) and San Francisco are the remaining offices.

Current Openings

  • Associate/AVP - Growth Investments (Mumbai)

We're looking to add a team member to our Growth Investments vertical to support our later stage, mature companies by focusing on deep profitability reviews, and setting them up for successful exits. Please click this link for the detailed JD and email with your interest to apply. 

  • Analyst - Investments (Mumbai/Bengaluru)

We will begin our Analyst Cohort hiring cycle post July 2024. Please check our website and social media channels for an update on when we begin the process.

Eager to work in Venture Capital?

Listen to our partners Karthik Reddy and Ashish Fafadia answering some of the most frequently asked questions and sharing Blume's recommended philosophies about thinking about Careers in VC

Video 1: What makes for a great VC firm, and how can you become a great Investor?

Video 2: What to know when you choose Venture Capital

Video 3: Understanding the Tradeoffs: VCs versus Startups

To read the transcripts of the above videos, please click here. Video 1, Video 2, Video 3

Team Spotlight: Exclusive Interviews

  • Email Headers

    Building a Content-first Venture Capital fund with Rohit Kaul | How Did You Get Here

    Rohit Kaul leads all things Marketing and Content and has taken up the heavy mantle of helping Blume retain our pole position when it comes to being a content-first, content-led VC fund.
  • Email Headers 22

    Driving Community in Venture Capital with Deepika Jain | How Did You Get Here

    I've been thinking of how best to capture the journeys of our team members at Blume and the unique roles they do, so I interviewed one of them as part of a series on how they got here, and hope to do many more like this to pull back the curtain on what really happens at a VC…
  • Email Headers 20

    Making Investors Succeed in Venture Capital with Mudita Narsaria | How Did You Get Here

    There are two main stakeholders for a Venture Capital Fund. Most of the time, founders are in the limelight. However, many people don’t realise the importance of Limited Partners - LPs, or Investors - in the success and long-term sustainability of a VC fund, and may…
  • Email Headers 21

    Building Market Networks in Venture Capital with Gautham Sivaramakrishnan | How Did You Get Here

    In my next installment of How Did You Get Here, I spoke with Gautham Sivaramakrishnan who leads Market Networks at Blume Ventures. Gautham focuses on adding value to our companies by leveraging strategic partnerships, revenue channels,…

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