Why Blume Ventures invested in SiftHub.

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Today, we are proud to announce that we are co-leading a $5.5M seed round in SiftHub - an AI SaaS startup founded by Manisha Raisinghani - which aims to transform how sales and pre-sales teams discover knowledge and generate responses.

Manisha is an experienced entrepreneur, having co-founded and run LogiNext for close to a decade prior to starting SiftHub. She comes with deep relationships with supporters and force-multipliers in the SaaS ecosystem, and we are excited to see some of them come onboard to back her in this journey. As we have engaged in conversations with Manisha over the last few months, her deep product-centric orientation has stood out distinctly. We are very confident that her passion for building a truly world-class product from India, combined with a strong insight into the pain points of sales teams, will enable SiftHub to grow by leaps and bounds.

We at Blume have been closely tracking the AI-first solutions that are being built for sales teams from the ground up, over the last couple of years. Given that the sales function in any business, particularly in a B2B context - is the primary lever to drive revenue and growth - it becomes extremely important to empower these teams with the best-of-breed tools that boost their efficiency and ability to close deals faster, and at a higher conversion rate. 

One such challenge that we have observed is the need to prepare and submit various forms of responses during the sales process - ranging from RFPs to security questionnaires and even questions asked directly over email. Sales professionals often need to spend many hours or days digging up and consolidating information from across various internal sources and documents - which slows down their response times to prospects. Responses often need to be contextualised to the industry, pain points, etc of the prospect, further adding to the time taken by this process. 

SiftHub takes this challenge head-on, empowering sales and pre-sales teams with a powerful platform that can "sift" through an enterprise's knowledge across various internal repositories and craft an accurate, appropriate response to respond to their prospects. This platform has generative AI at it's core - using LLMs that are fine-tuned on industry specific knowledge, along with utilizing RAG to generate the responses. The result - sales teams can now bring down the time taken to respond to these requests to 1/5th the time before!

We are very excited to support Manisha and SiftHub on this journey and are looking forward to them revolutionizing the way sales organizations consume knowledge and create content to improve revenue outcomes.