Why Blume Ventures invested in Flash.

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As an investor, I believe that when investing in a business that involves a business model innovation or a shift in consumer behavior, having a strong investment thesis is crucial. This thesis takes years, sometimes even a decade, to materialize, as it relies on natural tech shifts and consumer readiness to adapt to new offerings.

One area that has seen limited radical innovations since the early days of ecommerce is loyalty and rewards programs. While companies have attempted to disrupt this space, there have been very few notable advancements apart from the success of Amazon Prime. Many ideas have come across our pipeline, but none have truly stood out. That is until I came across Flash (www.flash.co).

Founder-Investor Fit

Ranjith, the founder and CEO of Flash, was introduced to me through a trusted advisor who had angel-invested in Flash and knew Ranjith from his time at Flipkart. During our first conversation, it became apparent that Ranjith and I shared a common vision for what Flash could become, aligning with my thesis for the loyalty and rewards programs space. Interestingly, our meeting took place during a morning walk in Bangalore, right outside Blume Villa. The fresh morning air seemed to bring clarity to both sides, and our connection was established.

Flash’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

What makes Flash most interesting to me is its fresh approach to stripping the communication layer of the email inbox to gain insights into a consumer's aggregate buying behavior across brands, effectively stripping out the ecommerce section. This makes Flash a category creator with no direct competition. We are already witnessing customers seamlessly transitioning their email IDs to Flash IDs, demonstrating their trust and willingness to reap the rewards, add more brands, and consolidate their email IDs, showcasing the product's value proposition.

Ranjith is fearlessly assembling a team to build a digital-first product in India for the US market. With the success of Ultrahuman (Blume Fund III company) in global markets, with their overseas customer base surpassing their customer base in India, it is clear that a best-in-class consumer product can be built from India for the world.

Ranjith Boyanpalli, Founder and CEO of Flash

Ranjith’s leadership and vision

Ranjith’s expertise and track record in ecommerce make him the ideal leader to build a global product in the loyalty programs space. He has been brewing this concept in his mind for 15 years, envisioning a better consumer experience within the ecommerce landscape. With over a decade of insights and experience, starting from the pre-Flipkart era, he possesses the necessary vision and network to assemble the right team.

Ranjith maintains a product-first approach and has an unwavering commitment to building a world-class company. His willingness to rigorously test talent and iterate until the right fit is found demonstrates his obsession with creating a consumer and product-centric culture. We have personally witnessed these qualities during the hiring process.

Flash’s market opportunity lies in creating a product that compels consumers to track all their ecommerce activities in one app. Capturing a consumer's entire commerce wallet in one destination presents significant opportunities for savings and value delivery. This, in turn, leads to loyalty, targeted offers, and various product dimensions that can capture 1-5% of a consumer's ecommerce wallet for Flash. Herein lies Flash’s massive market opportunity to capture the entire ecommerce sector while delivering value to both brands and customers.

In conclusion, our decision to invest in Flash was driven by the compelling nature of the concept, the unique market positioning, and Ranjith's exceptional leadership. I believe that Flash has the potential to revolutionize the ecommerce industry and deliver unmatched value to both brands and consumers. We are excited to be a part of this journey and support Ranjith’s vision.