Current Sectors of Focus
I am greedy to be part of ambitious founder journeys, and help inflect them to greatness. The founders who select me to be part of their journeys, pick me to be their PMF coach, social media cheerleader, sparring partner, 11pm friend, occasional drinking bud (or Kaffeeklatscher) and official podcast recommender, all in one. In turn, I offer a safe space for them to think aloud on their challenges, and help them get to a solution. I work with a range of founders across all sectors, though deep tech / deep science, climatetech and web3 is not my forte.

Companies I Led Investments In
Active and announced: Leverage Edu, Classplus, Uolo, Smartstaff, Rocketium, Futwork, Sourcewiz, Chefkart, Virohan, Freakins.
Freakins is co-owned w Apurva.

I came to VC quite accidentally, when Karthik Reddy reached out to me to query if a role in VC would interest me (He had me at hello!). Today I wouldn't trade it for any other job in the world. The incredible variety of interactions across founder personalities and sectors as well as the ability to do well and do good, make it a special profession. In my previous life, I worked with The Times of India Group across biz dev, corp dev and strategy roles across their media and education verticals, where I was part of the founding teams at Times Music, Times Now and Bennett University.

Life Outside of Work
I am father to two sensitive teenage girls with a deep interest in STEM. When we are not discussing science or pop culture at home with them and my freelance writer wife, I am usually reading, and writing. I am also working on a very ambitious PMF playbook for founders that I hope to release to the world at some point.