The Omega Files | Episode 1

The Omega Files

Blume Fund I Declassified


The 24th and last letter of the Greek alphabet, Omega (Ω), essentially means the end of something, the last, the ultimate limit of a set, or the "Great End." Without getting into a lesson in Greek, Omega signifies a grand closure, like the conclusion of a large-scale event.

As with all naming conventions, the name had to stick through the test of time. With the first chapter of the Blume story drawing to a close, the publishing of a long-stated claim by me to my partners (investors and team) that we would do a Fund by Fund deconstruction, in the public domain, like never done before, was upon us. The name had to connote the gravitas of this kick off publication but also be resilient enough to withstand a decade of scrutiny. It had to embrace venture craft and speak of cycle completions, the end state of a fund life, a fund cycle, and become capable of being an annual narrative.

Blume Ventures presents the First Edition of The Omega Files. You can check out the full report here.

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