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The Indian insurance sector is rapidly evolving, driven by significant regulatory changes and technological advancements. With the country’s insurance market expected to triple in size by 2032, there is substantial opportunity for innovation. 

InsurTech startups are leveraging digital public infrastructure, AI, IoT, and data analytics to enhance underwriting, claims management, and customer engagement. Despite the industry’s current reliance on offline channels, digital adoption is growing. The focus is shifting towards hyper-personalization, risk prevention, and improving the overall customer experience, making India an attractive landscape for InsurTech ventures.

At Blume, we believe there will be a significant shift in the insurance experience in India. In this report, we dive deep into the Indian insurance sector and explore areas where we believe the largest opportunities exist.

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The rise of insurance penetration in India has always been driven by regulatory interventions and key events. However, as a country, we still have very low penetration.

We visualize insurance in six different segments, each with its own sub-parts. While some segments and sub-verticals currently restrict third-party entry, other segments offer significant space and opportunities for exploration and growth.

We dive deep into each insurance subsegment and introduce the conducive score, which consists of three key levers that help us understand its growth potential. These levers include technology adoption by incumbents, regulatory influences, and the effectiveness of public infrastructure.

India's InsurTech space is emerging, and we have identified key themes that we are excited about. To learn more about it, please check the full report here.