Sarita spearheads Network Investment Programs at Blume, embodying Blume’s commitment to the early-stage startup ecosystem.

She manages the Blume Founders Fund (#BFF), preserving Blume’s pre-seed/seed fund DNA and fostering lasting connections with exceptional founders.

Sarita also oversees TOFU (Top of funnel), collaborating with Micro-VCs, Super Angels, Incubator-Accelerators and more.

Additionally, she champions the community function, nurturing portfolio founders through connections, learning opportunities, and access to industry experts.


With 8+ years in the Indian startup ecosystem, Sarita is a Nasscom steering committee member representing early-stage VCs.

Prior to Blume, she served as Regional Head at the Indian Angel Network.

She completed a Masters in International Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management (US) where she graduated as part of the Beta gamma society. 

Sarita spent the early years of her career working with the Global Market Sizing and Forecasting team at Intel Technologies.

Life Outside of Work:

Passionate about women's empowerment, Sarita serves on the board of PPC (People’s Power Collective), an organization empowering rural communities with sustainable broadcast networks.

In her free time, Sarita supports rural women entrepreneurs through platforms like Rang-De, informally helps train and place women from Orissa -  her small contribution to increasing the ‘percentage of women in India's workforce’.

Beyond her professional role, Sarita has taken part in the 'Oxfam 100kms walk across rural India' and is an avid blood donor. She enjoys podcasts during her long Bangalore commutes - Blume podcast :), 24VC, All-In being her favourites.

Personal Life:

Sarita embraces various roles - Daughter, Daughter-in-law, Wife, Mother, Sister, Friend and more… Juggling these roles, she acknowledges the imperfections but embraces the richness of each aspect of a woman's life.