Ranhita has joined the People & Culture Team to help build a fantastic VC team and an energizing workplace culture. She joins Blume with prior experience and knowledge of working in the executive and leadership hiring space and continues to evolve to bring on more talent for uniquely designed roles within.

She collaborates closely with the Head of the People & Culture team at Blume to create a progressive workplace focused on growth, support, innovation, and purpose. She began her career as a mechanical engineer and has since worn many hats. She discovered her true calling in Human Resources while pursuing her MBA at the Vedica Scholars Programme for Women in Delhi, an 18-month fully residential management and leadership program that prepares young women to take on 21st-century opportunities and challenges and aims to create a cadre of successful women professionals.

Ranhita, a coffee and conversation enthusiast, comes across as a person who is both warm and approachable. When she is not working, she can be found following her passion as a “Wedding cake artist”.