Azim Khan is a finance professional with a post-graduate degree in Commerce and CA Intermediate qualifications. He possesses a solid foundation in finance, excelling in areas such as accounting, taxation, and financial management. Azim has gained valuable experience in transaction structuring, tax planning, and regulatory compliance through his previous roles at entities such as Nippon and DHFL, where he played crucial roles in operations and finance.

During his tenure at Nippon and DHFL, Azim not only contributed to the financial aspects but also played a pivotal role in streamlining and optimizing operational processes. His experience in these organizations allowed him to further refine his analytical skills and deepen his understanding of financial processes.

Beyond his professional commitments, Azim is an individual with diverse interests. He is an avid gamer, enjoys traveling to explore new destinations, and is a food enthusiast who appreciates culinary adventures. He also keeps abreast of financial developments and enjoys reading financial news and reports.