Akhilesh Agarwal is an early-stage DeepTech investor passionate about supporting ambitious founders in their quest for civilizational progress. He has previously spent over half a decade evaluating and investing in companies across various themes in DeepTech, including SpaceTech, LifeSciences, BioTech, Material Sciences, Quantum Computing, Semiconductors, Robotics, and beyond.

Before joining Blume, Akhilesh worked at pi Ventures as part of the investment team. He was also an investment banker at Goldman Sachs, executing M&A deals across India, Australia, and the USA. Further, he has been an operator in two early stage startups, gaining valuable experience in founder office roles. He also volunteers at Headstart Network Foundation, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping entrepreneurship at the grassroots stage.

As an angel investor, Akhilesh has supported founders building in SpaceTech, Energy, Manufacturing, and Aviation to name a few select spaces.

Akhilesh earned an undergraduate degree in electrical and electronics engineering from PES University and a postgraduate degree in finance from RIT.

He enjoys nurturing groundbreaking ideas and spending time with founders who can think extremely large and offset the lack of data through great storytelling. When not brainstorming with a founder, you can find Akhilesh exploring the deep blue oceans of the world, learning a new board game, or exploring the culinary arts.