Blume Ventures, Director on Investing in future of Electric Vehicles ft. Arpit Agarwal

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Hi, I am your host Siddhartha! I have been an entrepreneur from 2012 – 2017 building two products AddoDoc and Babygogo. After selling my company to SHEROES, I and my partner Nansi decided to start up again. But we felt unequipped in our skillset in 2018 to build a large company. We had known 0 – 1 journey from our startups but lacked the experience of building 1 – 10 journeys. 

Hence was born the Neon Show (Earlier 100x Entrepreneur) to learn from founders and investors, the mindset to scale yourself and your company. This quest still keeps us excited even after 5 years and doing 200+ episodes. 

We welcome you to our journey to understand what goes behind building a super successful company. Every episode is done with a very selfish motive, that I and Nansi should come out as a better entrepreneur and professional after absorbing the learnings.


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