How Do Our Portfolio Founders Perceive Blume?

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With the abundance of seed-stage capital in India, investing funds alone doesn’t earn a VC respect in the eyes of a founder. Today, the best entrepreneurs have the freedom of taking money from a VC of their choice. Trust and value addition are far more important than just cash.

Blume’s vision is to build a long term, reputable platform around a founder-friendly philosophy with the founder at its epicentre. It is not a coincidence that everyone in our team lives and breathes entrepreneurship, and are seen as friends not just by our portfolio founders – but even by those entrepreneurs we didn’t fund. This has now started showing up in the feedback we receive from our founders.

Two months ago, Blume posed a few questions to our founders about what elements in Blume’s engagement model work for them (and what needs to be changed!). Their feedback has validated our approach.

If you are looking to raise funding, this first-of-its-kind video also gives you a set of questions to ask your incoming investor.

This video was shot in August this year at ZipDial’s Koramangala office. Thanks to Valerie, Amiya, Shephali and Tina for making this happen. While the core idea originated from the Blume team, it was planned and executed by Bangalore based UnSpun Consulting Group.