Carbon Clean

Carbon Clean Solutions is a leader in carbon capture technology. Their cost-effective, scalable carbon capture solution helps power plants and industrial utilities such as refineries, cement and steel mills capture over 90% of the CO2 they release, thereby reducing operating costs and environmental impacts.

Carbon Clear Solutions

Carbon Clean

Founded 2009
Active Funding
Fund I

Investment Lead


  • Eldon Capital Management
  • Department of Energy and Climate Change, UK Government (Grant)
  • Chevron
  • Equinor
  • Marubeni
  • WAVE Equity Partners
  • Icos Capital
  • Samsung
  • Pegasus Tech Ventures
  • Global Incubation Services
  • Aramco Ventures
  • CTW Venture Partners
  • AXA Investment Managers
  • Reunited Ventures
  • TC Energy
  • Westerly Winds