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Welcome to another edition of Blume Beacon. This time around…Nah, strike that!

Welcome to Blume Beacon’s all-new format. That sounds (reads?) just about right! 

We want our readers to derive actionable insights from everything we create. Over time, we realized that Blume Beacon had too many links, readers were getting exhausted, and the newsletter was being bookmarked instead of being read.

So, we’ve changed our stripes. Now, Blume Beacon will only have one article. You may think of it as the best of what we published recently (though we love all our children equally!) Given your crazy-busy schedules, we hope this gives you the mental space to consume high-quality content.

And to ensure you don’t miss out on anything that can help you take big swings at work, we will send one article to your inbox every two weeks.

As usual, we are all ears to know what you think!

Before you dive into this edition, we’ve got an important announcement!