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This time, we are putting pen to paper to explore what it takes to win in the Indian SaaS market. 

Conventional wisdom says that the path to success for SaaS companies lies in conquering the US market. However, a growing number of Indian SaaS entrepreneurs are bucking this trend and finding success in the domestic SaaS market.

We explore the why and how of this rather hotly debated topic and hope you get enough food for thought. 

Selling Smart: The Insider's Guide to SaaS Success in India

$2-3 billion. 

That’s the estimated size of India’s domestic SaaS spend, according to a recent Bain & Company report. 

Yes, compared to the whopping $140-150 billion US market, it seems miniscule, but there is no doubt that this market is growing rapidly. In fact, at 30- 35% CAGR, it is growing faster than the US and the UK.

However, the oft-accepted wisdom in the SaaS world is that companies must target the US market to achieve success. A growing number of Indian SaaS entrepreneurs are now bravely exploring and finding success in the Indian market. 

So, what are the key strategies Indian SaaS startups can use to capitalize on this untapped opportunity?