Older, Wiser, Sharper: Meet The New Blume!

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We got ourselves a makeover! Blume is over a decade old now, and it was time to look like the firm we have become and aspire to be as we grow from strength to strength this coming decade. 

When we first decided to get started on this journey, we were obsessed with playing on the idea of “seed” while deciding a name for ourselves. But we soon realized that our actual work starts after the idea has been seeded. We are here to help the companies bloom, and our brand identity has to reflect this spirit. 

Our previous logo and identity (adopted in 2018) signaled how we partnered with entrepreneurs, to help them scale and test their limits. The logo was symbolic of the founder’s first handshake with an institutional investor. At that time, we managed $80 million of capital and were looking to raise our Fund III and our first Opportunity Fund. Cut to early 2022. That has ballooned to over $400 million today and we may touch an AUM of over $500 million by the end of the year. As our portfolio companies grew, so did our skill at picking the winners and the value addition we brought to the table. Now that we have come of age, we present to you the Blume of the future. 

Don’t be fooled by the visualization of a half-bloomed flower. The ability to grow further is what it signals and the star in between symbolic of our portfolio companies, each a star in their own right. We’re as rare as the blue flower (seen in less than 10% of plants in nature) in our logo – taking exceptional founders and their vision to market, before anyone else believes in it as deeply.

Our ambition has also naturally grown beyond just helping our companies at an early stage. With three unicorns and multiple soonicorns in our portfolio, we are on track to being on the cap tables of mega companies now. 

Blume’s new identity marks a pivotal moment in this 11-year old journey. In the next decade, we will graduate to more exciting bets and witness our founders and alumni set new standards for entrepreneurs. 

This is just the first leg of an exciting new journey, and we can’t wait to see where it takes us!