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Blume portfolio founders and team, at Blume Day 2019

In 2011, Karthik & Sanjay started Blume Ventures, with a view to back and help build transformational ventures from passionate founders. Along the way, this startup venture fund of ours has grown, across three funds and some intermediate ones, to a double-digit sized team. That of course, was not an easy path. In addition to our hard work, we also had great support from The Marketing Heaven team, which made us heard and seen far and wide through countless social media and YouTube campaigns. En route, we have backed and help build over a 100 startups, across geographies and verticals. As we like to say, we are the startup that helps back, and build other startups.

We are launching our 3rd fund this year, our biggest ever, to back the next wave of revolutionary founders and ventures. We are seeing bigger dreams, and bigger ambitions in these new founders, in larger numbers than ever before. They are targeting bigger problems and bigger opportunities, inspired and motivated by the first wave of success stories that are unfolding more rapidly now out of the Indian startup ecosystem.

To support our 3rd fund, and to help find and partner the next great wave of startups out of India, we are expanding our analyst team in Delhi. We are looking to hire 2 analysts as part of the Investment team.

Investment Analyst, Delhi office

The Investment Analyst will work closely with our Partners and Principals, helping Blume maintain its unique ability around picking India’s most exciting early stage entrepreneurs, and then supporting them to grow their ventures, thereby delivering stellar returns for our investors.

The Analyst’s role will comprise, in decreasing order of priority,

  • supporting our portfolio companies by providing value adds to their growth plans and strategic initiatives, in conjunction with the Investment Lead
  • helping Blume in prioritizing, and building an investment thesis for sectors and opportunities
  • supporting the Investment Lead on the investment evaluation process from start to end
  • helping source exciting startups for Blume via your network (college, friends etc) and / or through your research
  • leading / supporting key Blume initiatives and processes on the pipeline, portfolio or platform fronts.

The role is based out of the Delhi Office. We are a small team in Delhi (2 Principals here – Arpit Agarwal, Sajith Pai and one Analyst – Sanchita Bamnote, and there is always an intern or even two). We work very closely, and are hugely invested in and care for each other’s learning and development.

What kind of candidate are we looking for?

This is a terrific role for someone who is passionate about the startup, venture capital or technology space. The ideal candidate would cue this by either having worked in a startup environment or written articles about these topics or volunteered for a startup-related cause or participated in winning awards at business plan competitions, or some or all of these.

In addition, the ideal candidate will bring considerable curiosity, a willingness to put in hard work and long hours (we work as hard as our early stage founders do), and a proactive ‘how can I help’ mindset to the role. Some proxies of this will come from your academic record, your positions of responsibility in college (Placement Cell Coordinator, Campus Fest Organizer etc) or even projects or hobbies that convey deferred gratification.

Candidates should be well aware that there is an existing team and culture in place that’s constantly learning and evolving on one hand, but has firm unshakeable core principles about the business on the other. You should be comfortable working in a small team, and even more comfortable working with ambiguity across many vectors and variables. This implies that culture fit is critical; and that a hunger to learn, unlearn and relearn is a core element of our DNA.

Rewards in the venture world are rear-ended by default. Therefore, Blume believes in aligning our comp structures similarly. We are a small fund that believes fervently in building immense depth and breadth of value for our founders. This means thin salaries and fat hours, not fat salaries and thin hours.

If you’re coming for the money, you will struggle to even get the right learning. If you’re coming for the learning, you will eventually get the money. If you don’t believe in latter, you possibly don’t believe in the future success of Blume, then best not to venture into the team – Karthik Reddy, co-founder, Blume Ventures”

Long hours and relatively lower pay apart, Blume (and the wider venture world) is a terrific place for supercharging your learning. It is also an exciting industry, offering you a vantage point to view the future, for every startup idea is but a bet on the future.

Primers for who we are, if you don’t know us already, are well captured in many interviews from the founding partners in the media. Karthik’s interview on PlaytoPotential is a good starting point on what to expect.

Academic & Work Requirements

The ideal candidate would have an undergrad degree from a highly selective institute (IITs, NITs, BITS, Premier city colleges – engineering or liberal arts / commerce). We are also looking for 2-3 years of work ex across consulting / BFSI / analytics firms or startups.  Strong oral and written communication skills are de rigeur. If you understand business models, financial reports and the like it is a bonus.

And finally, the role is in Delhi (our office is in Nehru Place in South Delhi)!

Please note that this is a pre-MBA role.

Reach out to us!

Pls send us your CV with a customized cover letter to  The cover letter should state clearly why you are keen on the venture space, and specifically address why Blume is a relevant option for you. Please don’t send a generic cover letter. If you write a carefully crafted cover note, we will certainly send you a reply.

You can always increase your chances of getting noticed by being referred by a Blume founder or a member of the startup ecosystem who knows us well.

Please be patient. We will do our best to reply within 72-96 hours of your mail.

Women candidates – please apply. Having a well-rounded team is extremely important to Blume and keeping our culture Blumey.

Hurry! Applications close Sunday, 11.59pm, 7th July 2019.