You cannot buy the revolution.
You cannot make the revolution.
You can only be the revolution.
It is in your spirit, or it is nowhere.

Ursula K Le Guin
The Dispossessed

Transformational companies are led and built by revolutionary founders. We back these founders early and remain lifelong partners.

Our philosophy

  • At Blume, we back founders who are obsessed with solving hard problems, usually one that triggers a fundamental change in consumer behaviour and one impacting large markets.

    We typically partner with these founders at a very early stage, helping them achieve product-market fit and power past the first point of scale. We are almost always the first institutional investor in these ventures. We always invest for the long run, staying invested for anywhere from eight to ten years, and as long as the founders are equally invested in the ambition for the business.

    We typically like to invest in ventures with a strong tech spine, i.e., businesses backed by code or intellectual property. We have a special leaning for B2B businesses and ventures that are capital light. We believe that building capital moats by themselves are, and will, continue to be an undifferentiated winning strategy.

    At Blume, our money is not the most important element of what we bring to the table. We, of course, bring our capital reserves and co-investor partners to provide leverage to our capital.

  • In addition, we also translate our deep desire and passion to help our founders succeed, by leveraging our distinctive formal platforms and engagements. These include our services partners Constellation Blu and Constellation Talent, in-house resources across growth capital, market development, operational best practices and community. If we deliver board engagements as value, our founders will attest that we deliver multiples of that through our platform partners, resources and on-demand mentoring and assistance.

    We work with each of our companies equally hard for the first few years of our relationship. We then elevate our deliverables to keep pace with the demands of our growth companies. But, we also stick with, and support, our less successful ventures well beyond traditional venture norms dictated by power laws and portfolio concentration. We do this, not because power laws don’t apply to us, but because supporting and sticking by our founders is second nature to us. Founders and their crazy ambitions are why Blume exists, and why we come excited to work every day. Every day.

Key milestones

Along the way,
we bagged some awards too!

  • Top 2nd
    Seed Investor

    Economic Times
  • Best

  • No. 1 Active

    CB insights
  • Seed VC
    Investor of 2018

    Venture Intelligence APEX’19

Portfolio Presence





We get founders.
For we have been founders too.

At Blume, a key defining attribute of all those who work here is founder empathy. For most of
us have been founders ourselves. Blume itself is a homegrown startup itself, all of 10 years old. Like the startups we fund, we too face similar challenges, be it around fund raising or competing with marquee brands. This has helped instil in us a deep sense of empathy and an understanding of the challenges the founder faces. And that makes us deeply committed to supporting them through their journeys, ones tough, hard and long.

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