Nithya has joined Blume as the Portfolio Data Analyst, where she’s working with our capital networks (fundraising), growth and investor relations teams to primarily help track, collate and analyse portfolio metrics and provide us with regular insights for reports, fundraising conversations and fund performance decisions. She is based out of our Mumbai office.

Before joining Blume, Nithya showcased her analytical prowess at Leverage Edu, one of our esteemed portfolios. As a Senior Analyst in the core team, she passionately contributed to enhancing the north star metrics, leaving an indelible mark on the company's trajectory. Nithya's journey through the rapidly evolving Indian startup landscape provided her with a unique perspective, having witnessed the ground-level view of building out a global Ed-Tech company with the brightest minds from leading MNCs.

Born and raised in Chennai, she is a commerce graduate from MOP Vaishnav College, where she was also the president of the Student Cabinet. Having traversed the diverse landscapes of India, Nithya finds joy in adventurous pursuits, whether it's scuba diving in the Havelock Islands or trekking through the enchanting Valley of Flowers.