• Product Marketing Associate SquadStack

    We’re looking for entrepreneurial people with the right mix of hunger, experience, and cultural fit to help us realize our vision of ‘re-imagining how work gets done

    What you’ll be doing?
    The “SquadStack for SMEs” or “SquadGo” team is a start-up within a start-up. So roles are extremely fluid and dynamic. Having said that, here are a few initial guideposts.
    - Track, measure, and analyze product usage using relevant tools and platforms to identify areas for improvement and opportunities to increase conversions.
    - Design and implement a product communication strategy for SquadStack’s plug-and-play solution to improve the user experience, increase engagement and feature adoption, and facilitate user education.
    - Conduct market research to gain insights into our target market, customer preferences, and competitors. Use the findings to refine our marketing strategies and messaging.
    - Contribute to the development of the overall product marketing strategy for SquadStack’s plug-and-play Tele-calling solution and support the growth of the team & product.
    - Continuously monitor marketing trends, best practices, and emerging technologies to ensure our product marketing strategies remain innovative and effective.

    What you should have?
    - 1 to 3 years of experience in a similar role
    - Experience in SaaS or tech companies is a plus
    - Good technical understanding and ability to solve problems
    - Strong analytical skills and ability to make data-driven decisions
    - Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    - Ability to multitask and prioritize in a fast-paced environment
    - Familiarity with marketing tools such as Google Analytics, AdWords, and social media platforms
    - Traits and culture: Entrepreneurial and willing to go the extra mile. Manager of one. You can read more about our values and culture at: https://www.squadplatform.com/careers/

    - Compensation: 5-7 LPA
    - Location: Noida/Bangalore/Goa
    - Joining: ASAP Should have minimum 1 year relevant experience

    Bengaluru, INDIA
    2 experience
  • Project Analyst SquadStack

    What you'll be Doing
    - Achieving process excellence and automating tasks through Python can significantly improve efficiency and reduce manual errors.
    - Identify areas for automation: Analyze your existing processes and identify tasks that are repetitive, time-consuming, or prone to errors.
    - Responsible for consistently exceeding weekly/monthly revenue targets, driving business growth and success.
    - Act as a reliable support to the Pod Lead, assisting in customer interactions and providing seamless communication while also ensuring timely delivery of detailed hourly/daily reports to the customer, including valuable remarks and insights
    - Demonstrate a strong commitment to adhering to standard operating procedures (SOPs), ensuring consistent discipline in their execution while actively contributing to the development and implementation of end-to-end SOPs for the organization, fostering operational efficiency and best practices
    - Acquire expertise in campaign operations within CRM systems, leveraging knowledge to identify innovative solutions and optimize processes in collaboration with Operations Analysts (OAs), creating efficient workflows and driving continuous improvement.
    - Actively listen and conduct calls to gain a comprehensive understanding of the workflow while gathering actionable insights.
    - Actively participate in end-to-end solutions based on these insights, ensuring a hands-on approach to driving effective problem-solving and process optimization
    - Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams to foster alignment and synergy in sales efforts, with a focus on effectively converting qualified leads into final conversions, thereby driving revenue growth and success
    - Stay up-to-date with industry trends, providing valuable insights and guidance to assigned teams, empowering them to make informed decisions and driving innovation in line with market dynamics.
    - To excel in this role, a Project Analyst should possess a diverse skill set that includes deep Python knowledge, problem-solving skills, multi-tasker, and strong data reading and comprehension capabilities.

    What you should have:
    - 0-2 years of experience
    - Analytical Skills - Deep working knowledge in Python, SQL, and Excel is a must. Must have done some real process automation tasks
    - Excellent communication skills
    - Project Management Knowledge: Familiarity with project management methodologies, concepts, and tools is essential.

    - Compensation: 6-8 LPA + incentives
    - Joining: Immediate
    - Location: Noida or Bangalore Analytical Skills- Python , SQL and Excel, Project Management

    Bengaluru, INDIA
    1 experience
  • Account Manager SquadStack

    About The Role

    An account manager at SquadStack is a professional who is responsible for managing relationships with customers at the front end and running their operations smoothly at the backend. Their main goal is to ensure that the company's customers are satisfied with the products or services they receive and to maintain a positive relationship with the customer. Some specific responsibilities of an account manager may include:

    What you'll be Doing

    - The ideal candidate should possess strong analytical skills and demonstrate the ability to effectively read and apprehend data, enabling them to extract valuable insights and make informed decisions
    - Facilitating the seamless onboarding of new customers while fostering cross-functional collaboration to ensure timely implementation of campaigns within specified timelines.
    - Proactively monitoring and ensuring the achievement of agreed-upon success metrics on a daily basis, promptly addressing any deviations, and actively collaborating with relevant stakeholders to identify and implement effective solutions
    - Effectively managing customer expectations by providing clear guidance on available services, features, and potential changes, and taking necessary actions to resolve customer inquiries or escalate them to the appropriate ticketing team
    - Delivering regular updates and comprehensive reports on account performance to both clients and company management on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, ensuring transparent communication and informed decision-making
    - Ensuring record-keeping of consumption data and invoices, as well as actively following up with customers to address any pending invoices, thereby maintaining financial accuracy and timely resolution
    - Ensuring effective utilization of newly released product features and actively providing valuable feedback to the product team for continuous improvement.

    To excel in this role, an account manager should possess a diverse skill set that includes outstanding communication and interpersonal abilities, adept problem-solving skills, as well as strong data reading and comprehension capabilities. Additionally, effective delegation, negotiation, and follow-up skills are essential for successful account management. The ability to analyze data, comprehend its implications, delegate tasks efficiently, negotiate favourable outcomes, and diligently follow up on commitments will contribute to the account manager's overall effectiveness and success.

    What you should have:

    - Education: The candidate should possess a Master's degree in Business Administration or Engineering.
    - Experience: The candidate should have a minimum of 4 years of overall professional experience, including at least 2 years of relevant experience in a customer-facing role, preferably in Sales, Customer Success, or Account Management.
    - Analytical Skills: The candidate must have a deep working knowledge of Python, SQL, and Excel. They should have hands-on experience in real process automation tasks.
    - Communication Skills: Excellent communication skills are required, including both written and verbal communication abilities.
    - Project Management Knowledge: The candidate should have familiarity with project management methodologies, concepts, and tools. Having prior experience in managing projects would be beneficial.
    - Relationship Building: The candidate should possess strong relationship-building skills and have the ability to establish and maintain long-term partnerships with clients.
    - Sales Acumen: Demonstrated sales acumen and the ability to identify upselling and cross-selling opportunities to maximize revenue from existing accounts.
    - Customer Focus: A customer-centric approach is crucial, with the ability to understand customer needs, provide tailored solutions, and ensure customer satisfaction.
    - Negotiation Skills: Proficiency in negotiation techniques to manage contract renewals, pricing discussions, and resolving conflicts effectively.
    - Strategic Thinking: The candidate should possess strategic thinking abilities, including the capacity to analyze account performance, identify growth opportunities, and develop account plans.

    - Compensation- 9-11 LPA + incentives
    - Joining: Immediate
    - Location: Noida or Bangalore Sales Acumen, Customer Focus, Negotiation skills

    Bengaluru, INDIA
    4 experience
  • Sr Sales Manager/ Mid-Market Account Executive SquadStack

    You’ll be responsible for achieving revenue targets from six figure deals through new sales, renewals, and upsells from a named list of target mid-market customers in the BFSI, Ed-tech, E-commerce, and other B2C players in India.
    - Consultative Sales: You will demonstrate a consultative selling approach that focuses on problem-solving and helping customers achieve their outcomes. This will require building knowledge, and expertise, and displaying empathy.
    - Methodology: You’ll be driving sales mostly through virtual meetings, and six-figure monthly and quarterly business reviews, with selective in-person meetings as required.
    - Deal Management: You and your team will project manage deals with key internal and external stakeholders including customer success, legal, compliance and info-sec, etc. You will document activities and opportunities accurately in the CRM.
    - Customer Success Partner: Work with Customer Success to track and enable customer outcomes, drive renewals, identify new opportunities and upsells, and reduce churn. You will document the clear scope of work and do a clean handover to the Customer Success teams
    - Best Practices: You will develop well-drafted, clear sales proposals that win deals while setting the right expectations. You believe in continuous improvement, and you’re expected to refine, develop, and test new playbooks and strategies. You may also work closely with marketing to create and improve collateral and plans.
    - Demand Generation: While you get some demos from marketing, you and your SDR team are expected to constantly identify new sales opportunities through networking initiatives, tradeshows, conferences, customer referrals, etc.
    - Learning and Improving: As a consultative salesperson, you will stay abreast of trends related to target industries, serve as the voice of the customer, and collect feedback to drive continuous improvement across all areas of the product.


    Past Experience
    -3-5 years of experience in a closing, quota-carrying role selling seven-figure (20–50 lakh) mid-market deals across any industry in India.
    - Experience in SaaS, outsourcing, and/or martech is a plus.
    - You’ve demonstrated success in building and growing new accounts through consultative and solution-based selling.

    -You’re fast, a self-starter, and don’t require too much handholding.
    -You have strong customer empathy and a desire to help customers and prospects achieve their outcomes and leverage that to drive revenue

    -You’re comfortable with selling technical solutions that require an understanding of areas like telesales, lead generation, CRM, sales enablement, AI, data security, etc.
    -You possess strong written, verbal, and presentation skills
    -You’re comfortable using modern sales tools and CRMs

    -Compensation: 18-21 LPA
    -Location: Bombay (preferred), Bangalore, Delhi NCR
    -Joining Date: ASAP Consultive Sales, Deal Management

    Bengaluru, INDIA
    3 experience
  • Senior Developer - Backend & DevOps Rocketium

    Architect - Work with other developers, product managers, and business teams to design and implement backend architectures. Evaluate and select appropriate technologies, frameworks, and tools to make the infrastructure robust and scalable. Stay updated with the latest industry trends and advancements.

    Develop - Write clean, efficient, and maintainable code for backend services. Optimize application performance and troubleshoot issues. Collaborate with frontend developers to integrate frontend and backend components seamlessly.

    Infrastructure - Design, configure, and maintain infrastructure components like servers, databases, and cloud services. Ensure high availability, scalability, and security of backend systems. Monitor and analyze system performance, identify bottlenecks, and propose optimizations. Implement and maintain automated deployment processes and CI/CD pipelines.

    Learn more on careers.rocketium.com Competence to work on backend as well as devops

    Bengaluru, INDIA
    4 experience
  • Enterprise Account Executive Rocketium

    Your role
    - Working with the founders to execute the roadmap and strategy of our enterprise product, Rocketium Campaign.
    - Prioritising the right experiments in close collaboration with engineers & marketers.
    - Gathering requirements with research, usability studies and constant ongoing user interaction to conceive and refine product development ideas.
    - Planning a streamlined roll-out of features including information flow to users, product documentation, training and feedback collection.
    - Regularly monitor product metrics to enhance and iterate the product features.
    - Create a go-to-market plan working with business/ marketing stakeholders to maximize product adoption and success.
    - Understand the competitive landscape and evaluate market trends to better inform product roadmap.

    Your profile
    - 1-3 years of product management experience with enterprise SaaS platforms
    - Excellent problem-solving and analytical ability
    - Quick and effective decision-making ability. An effective decision-making ability and can help teams understand the rationale and reasons for the product decisions and roadmap direction
    - Very strong written, verbal, and interpersonal communication
    - An eye for critical details and an urge to push boundaries for self-development
    - Spontaneity to translate feedback into improvement
    - Adequate technical knowledge to work effectively with engineers

    Learn more on careers.rocketium.com Minimum 1 year of product management experience

    Bengaluru, INDIA
    1 experience