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Chai & Chatter, Community, Future of Work / HR Tech 4 mins READ

Highlights from our recent Chai & Chatter on ‘Future of Work’

Why do companies exist? Why is the gig economy growing? What will the firm of the future look like? These were some of the questions…

Aug 02, 2019  |  Anirban Kundu
Chai & Chatter 5 mins READ

Putting the ‘Ed’ back in EdTech

Every month, Blume Ventures’s Delhi office hosts an event called Chai & Chatter. We bring together investors, entrepreneurs, founders, hustlers and dreamers and engage them…

May 03, 2019  |  Sajith Pai
 Chai & Chatter 4 mins READ

Chai & Chatter: ‘Build Better: Diversity and its challenges’

When Blume Ventures kicked off Chai and Chatter in late 2018, we had a simple goal. We wanted to have the conversations the startup ecosystem…

Apr 30, 2019  |  Harnidh Kaur
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