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Blume Ventures 3 mins READ

Blume Ventures adds Kunal Bajaj and Gayatri Udeshi to the Platform team – strengthening Growth & Exits, Finance & Investor Relations

Blume has always been a deep believer in a partnership model, assisting its portfolio companies and investors – by building deeper engagement across the lifecycle…

Jan 11, 2021  |  Blume Ventures
Blume Ventures 3 mins READ

Blume Ventures launches Founders Fund to further strengthen the Network and build on great relationships

The Fund will invest $25K to $100K outside its core investment program to deepen its engagement with more Founders.  Blume Ventures, one of India’s leading…

Jan 08, 2021  |  Blume Ventures
Blume Ventures 2 mins READ

Blume elevates Arpit Agarwal to Director. Strengthens Platform team with hires in Marketing and Networks roles

In February 2020, just before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, we announced the close of our third fund at $102 million.  As we come…

Dec 22, 2020  |  Blume Ventures
Blume Ventures 7 mins READ

Unacademy | The First of the Unicorns from the Blume Stable

Unacademy just closed a $150m Series F round led by SoftBank. September 2020 thus marks the graduation of our first portfolio company into a Unicorn.…

Sep 02, 2020  |  Karthik Reddy
Blume Ventures 11 mins READ

Winning in India: A Micromarket Approach

Why ‘atoms’ businesses should adopt a Micromarket approach to geographic expansion – by Sujay Choubey and Sajith Pai Sujay Choubey and Sajith Pai from the Blume Investment…

Aug 31, 2020  |  Sujay Choubey
Blume Ventures 6 mins READ

Building Against All Odds: Part 10

At 50, he has the vigor and vitality of a man half his age. A voracious reader – he has read a book a week…

Aug 12, 2020  |  Sarita Raichura
Blume Ventures 3 mins READ

Building Against All Odds: Part 9

As part of our ‘Building Against All Odds’ series, we invited Harsh Jain – CEO and Co-Founder of Dream11 and Dream Sports, to share his…

Aug 05, 2020  |  Blume Ventures
Blume Ventures 5 mins READ

EdTech Series (Part 2): Continuous Education 

The first article in our EdTech series, Building The Blume EdTech Framework (Part 1), as well as our recently released EdTech report, covers the gamut…

Jul 28, 2020  |  Radhika Agarwal
Blume Ventures 6 mins READ

EdTech Series (Part 1): Building The Blume EdTech Framework

Humans are always learning – from the time that we are born, and learn about the colors around us and pick up the language our…

Jul 28, 2020  |  Radhika Agarwal
Blume Ventures 3 mins READ

Chronicling NewSpace Part 3: Private Space Flights

In the previous two posts, we talked about the story of SpaceX and also how US government catalayzed creation of a generation of startups that…

Jun 19, 2020  |  Arpit Agarwal
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