We are looking for a curious, intelligent, startup enthusiast to join the investment team at Blume Ventures, Delhi, as a Research Analyst.

The Research Analyst will work closely with members of the Blume investment team, to help pick India’s most exciting early stage entrepreneurs, and drive key community initiatives.
The Research Analyst’s role will include

  • helping evaluate Blume’s inbound pipeline 
  • setting up and leading Blume’s outbound efforts including helping source exciting startups for Blume via your network (college, friends etc), attending / monitoring external events and through your research
  • researching and building investment theses 
  • driving key community initiatives from the Delhi office.

This is a preMBA role. We would prefer recent college graduates (<1 year work experience), looking to use the Blume stint as a springboard to pursue higher studies or other opportunities. The ideal candidate will have an undergrad degree from a highly selective  institute, in any subject. She will bring considerable curiosity, a willingness to put in hard work and long hours (we work as hard as our early stage founders do), and a proactive ‘how can I help’ mindset to the role.  Strong oral and written communication skills are de rigeur. Do note that this role requires no prior understanding of finance (in fact, venture capital, given that it deals with early stage firms, does not see use of heavy duty financial modelling for valuation).

The role is based out of the Delhi Office. We are a small team in Delhi (2 Principals here – Arpit Agarwal, Sajith Pai and 2 analysts – Radhika Agarwal and Sujay Choubey. There is always an intern; sometimes even two). We work very closely, and are hugely invested in and care for each other’s learning and development.

This is a terrific role for someone who is keen to learn about the venture capital industry and the startup ecosystem. 

Candidates should be well aware that there is an existing team and culture in place that’s constantly learning and evolving on one hand, but has firm unshakeable core principles about the business on the other. You should be comfortable working in a small team, and even more comfortable working with ambiguity across many vectors and variables. This implies that culture fit is critical; and that a hunger to learn, unlearn and relearn is a core element of our DNA.

Blume (and the wider venture world) is a terrific place for supercharging your learning. It is also in an exciting industry, offering you a vantage point to view the future, for every startup idea is but a bet on the future. Primers for who we are, if you don’t know us already, are well captured in many interviews from the founding partners in the media. Karthik’s interview on PlaytoPotential is a good starting point on what to expect, as is our website.

Reach out to us!

Pls send us your CV with a customised cover letter to   Please don’t send a generic cover letter. If you write a carefully crafted cover note explaining why you think this role is a great fit for you, and why you are a great fit for Blume, we will certainly send you a reply.

You can always increase your chances of getting noticed by being referred by a Blume founder or a member of the startup ecosystem who knows us well.

Hurry! Applications close Sat, 11.59pm, 23rd November 2019.

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