Almost 8 years ago, Karthik & Sanjay started Blume Ventures, with a view to back transformational ventures, built by passionate founders. Along the way, this startup venture fund of ours has grown, across three funds and some intermediate ones, to a double-digit sized team. En route, we have backed and helped build over 100 startups, across geographies and verticals. As we like to say, we are the startup that helps back, and build other startups.

We are launching our 3rd fund this year, our biggest ever, to back the next wave of revolutionary founders and ventures. We are seeing bigger dreams and bigger ambitions in these new founders, in larger numbers than ever before. They are targeting bigger problems and bigger opportunities, inspired and motivated by the first wave of success stories that are unfolding more rapidly now.

Blume @ Bangalore

Accompanying our new Fund is the further expansion into NCR and a new office in Bangalore. Delhi NCR is now a team and an Office space – building on the presence of Arpit for the last 4 years.

Which brings us to the inevitable launch of Bangalore. With almost 50% of prior fund portfolios and possible the same proportion in Fund III and beyond, the mad rushes in and out of Bangalore every week, even in 2-3 day doses, will not suffice any longer. The Blume team spends on average 20 (woman+man) days in B’lore every month across 6-7 team members.

Blume’s Bangalore office and team will a) support our already sizeable portfolio and b) identify and help grow the newer portfolio. We expect this team to start at a size of 3 and maybe go to 4-5 over the next 2-3 years.

Who are we looking for?

We are open to a broad range of capabilities, ages, and experiences for the Bangalore office, which range from Principal to Analyst roles. We are not fixated on positions and experience as yet. We are more interested in reasons why someone is even contemplating the industry and a Blume Ventures in particular.

An MBA is useful but not essential. Good written and spoken communication skills are essential though!

Clearly, these roles are right for someone who is

–     super-passionate about the startup space, ideally having either worked in a startup, or in an investment or support role in the startup ecosystem, excited to work with founders and be their partners in their incredibly tough and long journeys

–     adept at supporting our founders through the rollercoaster that is the startup journey, and equally capable of organizational building and support in developing a Bangalore office over the long-term

–     excited to represent Blume in Bangalore, being a flag-bearer for the Blume culture and brand, and help shape Blume’s presence and leadership in Bangalore and neighbouring startup ecosystems.

–     well aware that there is an existing team and culture in place that’s constantly learning and evolving on one hand, but has firm unshakeable core principles about the business on the other. This implies that culture fit is super critical, hunger to learn/ unlearn/relearn is a core element of our DNA (even better if you can learn from your peers’ mistakes before yours J), and there is NO Fast Track to anything per se in this space

–     clear that rewards in this business are rear-ended by default. Therefore, Blume believes in aligning our comp structures similarly. We are a small fund that believes fervently in building powerhouse breadth of value for our founders, which means thin salaries and fat hours, not fat salaries and thin hours. If you’re coming for the money, you will struggle to even get the right learning. If you’re coming for the learning, you will eventually get the money. If you don’t believe in latter, you possibly don’t believe in the future success of Blume – best not to venture into the team J

–     comfortable working in a small team, and even more comfortable working with ambiguity across many vectors and variables.

Primers for who we are, if you don’t know us already, are well captured in many interviews from the founding partners in the media. Karthik’s interview on PlaytoPotential is a good starting point on what to expect.

Reach out to us!

Address your queries and send us your profiles at

We promise to read every mail, though we won’t promise to respond to every mail 🙂

For those of you who are concerned about confidentiality, you know Karthik and Sanjay’s email ids / mobile numbers. Go ping them and tell them if you are keen or know someone who would be a terrific fit.

Please try and get back to us with your interest as early as possible. Applications close by 21st October.

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