We partnered with Agara back in 2019 with the promise of making autonomous voice ubiquitous in customer support. During the course of this journey, we have had the opportunity to witness Agara provide conversational AI and autonomous voice solutions to Fortune 500 companies across multiple verticals, and build a cutting edge Deep Tech SaaS company.

The tenets on which Abhimanyu and Arjun built Agara involved making no compromises on the depth of technology and catering to an open ecosystem by providing deep integrations into products like Shopify, Salesforce, etc., and cloud telephony solutions such as Twilio. In addition, the ambition was always to be a one stop solution for autonomous voice, which is reflective in how the applications of their technology go beyond customer support, with the potential to execute conversational commerce, synthetic voice generation for games and media, and a plethora of other problems. 

It has been an absolute delight watching the velocity with which Abhi and Arjun have built one of the strongest deep tech teams in India, and along this journey it has been particularly enriching for the team at Blume to be able to learn from great partners like Kirill (at RTP Global), Pankaj Gupta (India head at Coinbase, earlier at Google and Twitter), and Kiran Mysore (at University of Tokyo Edge Capital – UTEC). 

Abhimanyu (Co-Founder & CEO, Agara) said: “Building a machine learning heavy team in India wasn’t an easy task but we are proud of what we achieved. It is due to the high quality team that we were able to build products that are now trusted by some of the largest firms globally. The fact that Coinbase has now chosen to work with this team to strengthen their CX stack is further testament to it. We love the combination of ML and crypto that this acquisition creates and hope more startups in either of these spaces bloom in India.”

The biggest testimonial to the quality of the team and the technology built is that they are Coinbase’s first acquisition in India. The fact that a company with the deep tech expertise of Coinbase saw Tech and R&D synergies with the team makes them one of the torchbearers of Indian Deep Tech – built in India, for the world.

We at Blume believe that the synergies on the tech and product expansion side are endless for both entities, with Customer Experience being just the starting point. 

Sanjay Nath (Partner, Blume Ventures) commented: “It’s been a pleasure partnering with Abhimanyu and Arjun on their Agara mission from day one. It’s rare to find teams so obsessed with deep-learning and relentlessly pursuing the applications of autonomous voice.  Agara is amongst a growing breed of SaaS startups, ambitiously ‘building world-class platforms from India, for the world’. We’re grateful we were able to follow the founding team from their origins across Twitter, Google and other MNCs and seed their journey, eventually witnessing Agara’s scale up to become Coinbase’s first acquisition in India”.  

We are grateful to the Agara team for having had us on this fantastic ride and we are confident that they have found a great home at Coinbase to achieve their goal of making autonomous voice ubiquitous.

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