15 Sep Optimizely Mettl Case Study

Aiming to develop a technical certification program for its website optimization platform, Optimizely deployed Mettl's innovative custom-branded online training and assessment platform in just a few weeks, offering individuals and solutions partners a unique way to showcase their expertise and qualifications to prospective employers and...

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03 Sep What’s your Whale Strategy?

Startups are often asked – who are your ‘best customers’ that will ultimately drive a majority of your growth?”  In a B2B context this could mean “who are those top 10 enterprise clients?”; for a consumer internet startup, “who are the largest core groups within your...

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25 Aug Growth Hacking Tips

What is Growth Hacking? Wikipedia defines growth hacking as the art of using creativity and analytical thinking to sell products and gain exposure. In essence the goal is to acquire pertinent users at low costs. What is KYC ? The precursor to growth hacking would be the defining...

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