February saw us hosting our sixth Blume Day, an annual event where our portfolio founders, mentors and advisors, fund investors, peer VCs, and the ecosystem-at-large came together to interact, network and share some wonderful ideas. This year, the event got bigger and better with separate B2B, B2C and Founder tracks, featuring an impressive line-up of guest speakers.

Here’s a preview of key highlights, straight from our founders!  

1. Blume Ventures-Draper Venture Network alliance


“At SquadRun, we automate business processes across enterprises using human and machine intelligence and have just moved to the Bay Area as our primary market is here. Blume’s partnership with DVN has been great for us and helpful in the transition process. DVN has built a massive enterprise network that they leverage proactively to help companies with customer growth which would be instrumental for us. In addition, the Draper brand brings in a lot of credibility globally.” Apurv Agrawal, Founder, SquadRun

2. Founder’s Mentality with Sri Rajan of Bain & Company India


“The ‘Founder’s Mentality’ was a good reminder for companies to retain their competitive advantages by being competitive in spite of the growth paradox. Growth creates complexity, and complexity kills growth. The session laid down the framework that would help companies battle the growth paradox.”Allwin Agnel, Founder, PaGalGuy

3. IPOs a viable exit strategy in India – with Hitesh Oberoi of Info Edge, and Ashok Reddy, of  TeamLease


“The biggest learning for me is the need to start early (perhaps 3 years ahead). It was great to understand that IPOs don’t happen overnight and in fact, not even in a year. Consistency in growth, ability to take and margins and profits up and the ability to tell your story in a way the investor community at large is able to understand – These seem to be key ingredients of a company that is sprinting towards an IPO. Thanks for organizing that event.” Shivkumar Ganesan, Co-founder,  Exotel

4. Differentiation in a hyper competitive space with Radhika Ghai Aggarwal of  Shopclues


“First, what I found interesting  about this session was building a marketplace for Bharat (the tier III and tier IV and tier V towns) rather than for the India we know. Second, to focus on frugal innovation.” Manish Taneja, Co-founder & CEO, Purplle

5. Demonetization, UPI, Fintech – cutting through the clutter with Sony Joy of Chillr, Amrish Rau of PayU,  Vinayak Prasad of Verifone and Sri Rajan of Bain & Company India


“ With UPI and smartphones, we are on our way to have a better consumer experience for customers than anywhere in the world.  The session made us realise that now the other puzzle is to solve for the merchant side. We need to collaborate as an industry – that would mean banks and the NPCI needs to open up the system from both customer side (like UPI) and merchant side (how they receive money, customizable solutions on top of it etc)”Rajan Bajaj, Co-founder, SlicePay